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Wuxi KELK Apparatus & Valve Co., Ltd is the predecessor of Wuxi Apparatus & Valve factory, founded in 1965. It was a professional manufacturer of control valves, and one of the key valve companies of the former Ministry of machinery industry. Under the guidance of the Sino Japanese Economic Association in 1987, it formally introduced 710C high performance butterfly valves to the KOSO. In 1989, Wuxi Valve Casting Co.,Ltd was established as a joint venture with KOSO. In 1995, in order to adapt to the market, Wuxi KOSO was set up as a joint venture of Wuxi Apparatus & Valve factory and KOSO. In 1996, the company split into Japanese owned Wuxi KOSO and Wuxi Apparatus & Valve factory. In 2000, it began restructuring and established Wuxi Apparatus & Valve Co., Ltd, working for Wuxi KOSO. All of these cooperation and asset restructuring prepare Wuxi Apparatus & Valve factory for future development.


In 2012, Wuxi Apparatus & Valve Co., Ltd introduced angle valve technology and funding from professional control valve manufacturer KELK, based on original resources. The introduction included high performance two eccentric sealing butterfly valve, high performance three eccentric metal hard seal butterfly valve, soft seal ball valve, ball valve, V type ball valve, cam winding etc. Valve technology about water treatment was introduced as well, including: full coating butterfly valve, gate valve, piston valve, gate valve and drain valve. KELK made full use of the professional foundry, processing, assembly, after-sales service and market resources in Wuxi. A joint venture was set up with Wuxi Apparatus & Valve Co., Ltd to build KELK brand in China.