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We insist on advanced technology, efficient production, reliable quality, fast delivery, strong sales and thoughtful service as the backbone. KELK has always been committed to development and innovation. As a result, we have occupied a certain position in the market.

    We are people-oriented, and strive to provide satisfactory service, continuous improvement to meet customer requirements. No less than 92% of products are qualified, and there are no more than 6 complaints in total. In 2008 we obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, thus regulating the whole production process. Product quality is strictly tested from raw materials to processing and assembly. Product standards comply with GB/T4213-2008 and IEC-534 international standards.

    The company is in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality system. Each production link is supervised. We do each step of production strictly according to the regulations. An analysis meeting on quality will be held regularly to solve the quality problems encountered in the production. We strive to provide products with a perfect exterior and interior for each customer.

    便携式里氏硬度计 超声波探伤 冲击试验 高压压水设备

    光谱分析仪 金相分析仪 拉伸检验 膜厚检验

    扭矩检验操作台 疲劳试验及数据测试 油份分析实验 手持式光谱分析

    KELK has a strong supply capacity for some specifications of conventional valves. We can shorten the delivery time to meet customers’ urgent supply requirements. These rely on KELK’s strong semi-product inventory. There is rough of various types and specifications of the valves, and a reasonable inventory is set based on spare parts and vulnerable components. With ERP management system, the entire inventory is kept in a healthy range, which is able to provide fast delivery.

    All the key parts of Wuxi KELK are processed by the factory. The processing workshop owns major equipment such as CNC machining center, CNC vertical lathe, CNC boring machine, horizontal lying on the bed, deep hole drilling, multi-axis drilling machine etc.

    Various mechanical equipment of Wuxi KELK contributes to a relatively complete process. It is fully able to meet the requirements of product manufacturing and special process. The import of key parts ensures the reliable quality of valves. The main related equipment includes: automatic pile welding machine, vacuum heat treatment furnace, resistance furnace, etc.

    大型焊接设备 多刀具转动设备 毫克能设备 加工车间

    加工中心群 数控机械手臂 数控立式加工中心 数控双柱立车

    数控镗床 数控钻孔设备 双柱立车 卧式数控加工中心

    Wuxi KELK has its own foundry plant. There are investment casting and sand casting process, which can produce various casting of special materials. The main equipment includes electric furnace, argon arc welding apparatus, spectrum analyzer, etc.

    Wuxi KELK foundry factory ensures the quality, improves the performance, speeds up the delivery and research, and reduces the production cost.

    Wuxi KELK has a complete synchronized technology with Canada KELK. All of the core technologies of Canada KELK are open to us. In addition to the drawings, process documents, they also provide a comprehensive design benchmarks for Wuxi KELK to do secondary development. With technical precipitation of Wuxi Apparatus & Valve Co., Ltd, Wuxi KELK has a complete product system including straight stroke valve and angle valve.

    Wuxi KELK's main design and technical personnel have gone abroad for many times, mastering design and manufacturing skills. They have also learned preciseness, responsibility and the pursuit of excellence in Canada KELK.


    With the advanced technology introduced, Wuxi KELK uses advanced software for product design and reverse engineering. CFD/FEM calculation is used for flow analysis, while Solidworks, Pro-E, etc. are used for valve internal stress and deformation analysis combined with finite element analysis. Design tools mainly used include AutoCAD, MasterCam, SolidWorks and so on.

    The formation of the brand of Wuxi KELK is not only the result of successful market developing, but also the result of advanced technology. Wuxi KELK has full range of specifications, advanced technology and excellent cost performance. They equip Wuxi KELK with outstanding supporting capacity, especially for large, heavy devices and various control valves with large diameter, high pressure, special materials and demanding conditions. KELK has the ability and courage to compete with manufacturers around the world.