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GC120 Cage Guided Single Seated Control Valve

This series is fluid pressure balanced type cage guided high performance control valve of large Cv value, and of excellent dynamic stability. It is suitable for heavy duty services. Only a small operation force can achieve stability control due to the balanced fluid pressure structure on plug. The series can be made with special structure including bellows seal type, steam jacketed type, extended valve cover type to meet a variety of conditions.

Product Details



1, The third generation of S-type smooth casting body cavity gets greater circulation ability to reduce the initial investment, as it is now with more efficient average flow velocity by improving the second generation through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

2, In accordance with ASME, valve body and the upper bonnet are pressed together  by the double-head stud bolt

3, The stability of plug movement are improved due to the strong cage guide and the unique balanced sealing ring (GF TFE structure for room temperature, graphite 1398 & Graph-lock structure for high temperature), so that the vibration and mechanical noise are reduced

4, With the solid cage, valve body are protected from steam and cavitation damage. There was a S streamlined channel and this makes small loss of pressure drop, high flow, wide range of control.


1, Compared with un-balanced single seated straight through valve, the equipped actuator can be smaller for the balanced structure plug, however, it can overcome higher pressure difference and with better price

2, The flow characteristics can be changed by different cage window shape, and this promote the parts commonality.

3, Noise can be reduced by 10dB compared with the ordinary single/double seated control valve

4, Easy and fast replacement for valve parts even when the valve body is in the pipeline, this makes maintenance easier. The valve parts of GC120 can be easily replaced by the multi-hole parts from GC210 in order to apply for different conditions, and this can ensure the out flow is within the security range to prevent cavitation and reduce the noise.


Body Size


Body Rating

ANSI Class 150#~2500#

Fluid Temp.



Flanges(FF,RF,RJ,RTJ),Socket Weld, Butt Weld(SW,BW)

Body Materials


Plug Materials


Seat Leakage

Metal seat:ANSI Class IV(Cv×0.01%),ANSI Class V.Soft seat:ANSI Class VI



Flow Characteristics

Linear,Eq%,Modefied Eq%,Modefied Linear

Structure Characteristics   

EQ% Cage

Linear Cage