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GV120 Top Guided Single Seated Control Valves

GV120 spherical single seated control valve with S shaped casting body cavity makes fluid flow smooth, light washing up, small vibration, little noise. Because of the top guided structure,the Valve plug is stable in the whole range of movement, the vibration and noise are reduced, and this minimize the valve parts wear and prolong the service life. The series of valves are widely used for non-cavitation liquid and gas within limited range of noise. And it has a great control of high viscosity liquids and slurries. This series are mainly applied in metallurgical, air separation, petroleum chemical industry, energy, power and building materials industry.

Product Details:



1, Top oriented action and low flow resistance design

2, Especially suitable for occasions with small pressure difference and can be applied to non-cavitation liquid and gas with noise in the specified range

3, Small size, light weight, simple flow with big capacity in the valve body

4, Especially suitable for controlling medium flow with suspended solids and granular. Avoid coking, bonding, blocking,with good control of high viscosity liquids and slurries

5, By using special materials (carbide, ceramics etc.) for valve trim and various surface treatment technology (nitriding, hardening treatment), valve can be used for a variety of harsh conditions

6, Plug with precise design makes valve flow to be almost perfect equal percent and linear, so that the valve has a high precision, high performance controlling function


1, High sealing performance, cost-effective

2, Non-pipeline connection can be used for actuator and positioner, with high speed installation, high reliability and small installation space. Can be equipped with multi-spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator or electric mechanism

3, Removal and installation of valve body and trim is simple and this makes future detection and maintenance easier

4, The parts commonality are improved and the product cost of manufacturing and maintenance are reduced due to the modular design of the valve trim.


Body Size


Body Rating

ANSI Class 150#~2500#

Fluid Temp.



Flanges(FF,RF,RJ,RTJ),Socket Weld,Butt Weld(SW,BW)

Body Materials


Plug Materials

316,316+Stellite,316+RTFE etc.

Seat Leakage

Metal seat:ANSI Class IV(Cv×0.01%),ANSI Class V.Soft seat:ANSI Class VI



Flow Characteristics

Linear,Eq%,Modefied Eq%,On-Off

Structure Characteristics   

On-off Plug

Large CV approximate equal percentage plug

Large CV approximate linear plug

Equal percentage plug

Soft seat plug

Linear plug