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why choose us?

Proper valve contributes to your profit

In the highly competitive environment, how to make profit is a challenge for any company. One of the solutions is to control the productive process effectively. For example, ways like improving the process control system to reduce deviation, avoid overuse of raw materials or process liquid for lower energy consumption all contribute to making good products with lowest cost.

Deviation of process control is often about instrumentation, neither improper income projections owing to valves of control system or abuse of single instrument. Too much leak of control valve is an example. Experts says that up to 40% of procedure deviation is caused by poor performance of control valve. So, a suitable and reliable valve contributes to both production and profits.

Selection of suitable valve

Process parameters needed for correct valve selection

The excellent performance relies on the correct valve selection and diameter calculation, including following parameters:

  • 1、Pressure
  • 2、flow 
  • 3、Response time required 
  • 4、Leakage requirements 
  • 5、Process temperature  
  • 6、Fluid cost and viscosity

These parameters ensure the minimum deviation and most suitable valve.

Total cost of ownership

When selecting control valve, only the known costs are compared, but the real impact of the inferior valve is its hidden costs, which are often non-quantifiable factors. KELK has recognized this issue, and is determined to ensure high standards and the best process for customers.

Ways to improve valve performance

Process control experiments: Simulating the conditions of factory environment, we do experiments about the valve closed loop. We measure with precise instrument and record the factors associated with common industrial requirements, including the valve stroke, actuator thrust or torque, friction, leakage, dead time, action time, etc.

Fatigue action experiment: We do the test under severe working conditions to ensure all valves to meet the requirements, such as high temperature steam test, fire experiment, low temperature experiment, etc.

Big data analysis: KELK has always emphasized on the accumulation of data. All the data about valve operating conditions, control requirements etc. are recorded. The characters of these valves ensure the accuracy of the selected valve.

KELK is a company with great reputation in the field of control valve. This is maintained because of our enthusiasm and commitment to customers. We have divided our advantages into three factors, which will contribute the net profit of any client.

Get the best performance

KELK provides professional guidance in choosing the valve suitable for customer's working conditions. Meanwhile, we also provide a complete set of valve control system to make sure that it works in the best state. The goal is to ensure the stability, the minimum maintenance cost and the longest service life. Each KELK’s control valve goes through the dynamic loop test, along with the same performance of the valve.

Maintain optimal performance
The KELK’s valves all go through a fatigue test. All wearing parts use internationally renowned brands to ensure high reliability, and all rotating or friction parts are processed by special technology to minimize failure rate. Meanwhile, any effect on the control caused by changes in valve performance can be detected by the ESD controller in advance. It also allows us to predict failure and its remaining useful life, etc. All performance indicators such as valve switching speed, dead zone, and control bias help distinguish abnormal valves, which can help avoid sudden stops.

Regain the best performance

With the self-diagnostic system, we compare the current valve performance data with historical or initial data to distinguish valves with poor performance. With valves off the assembly line, we repair problematic parts to regain the best performance of the valve process control.

Our tradition

KELK is an expert in control valve manufacturing from Canada, and leader in the field of flow control. KELK has focused on flow control solutions for a long time, having developed widely used flow control devices. Through the years, we have gained valuable experience in the following areas:

——Oil and gas 

——Petrochemical and fine chemicals 

——Metallurgy and mineral

——Pulp and paper 

——Oil refining

KELK has mature designing and manufacturing technology, and advanced system complete set technology as well. We can provide flow process control plans for customers. We have the enthusiasm of innovation, and we are the pioneer of technology.